A New Look

Thanks for checking out my new website. JaymeMoye.com was reborn on January 1, 2014—the love child of a Word Press template and a brilliant guy at Lime9 Web Services, a Boulder-based company that makes small business websites like mine look cool.

Beyond the refreshed look, I’ve also added a Blog, which may come as a surprise to those who’ve attended my writing workshops. My marching orders have always been to put your effort into writing killer queries, which will land you paid assignments, not into a personal blog, which is difficult to monetize. But after five years in this business, I’ve come to realize that people besides my mom are interested in what goes down while traveling on assignment, or what I’m calling the story behind the story.

The “Behind the Story Blog” is my attempt to capture the adventure (and misadventure) of being a full-time globetrotting freelance writer. It’s meant for friends, family, and dare I say, fans. It is my hope that it will become a useful reference for new writers, and provide inspiration for other artists.

Let me know what you think.


19 Comments on “A New Look

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